Honoring our 2020 Graduates

June 28, 2020 0 comments

Today, July 28, we honor our 2020 graduates. COVID-19 has changed life for us in many different ways, but for our high school graduates it seems to have taken away this momentous life milestone. From recognizing our senior acolytes to new ways of holding graduation ceremonies, their milestone achievement will always be marked within this time of new learning and new living. But we didn’t want the coronavirus to take all of that away so we celebrated our graduates in the best way we knew how. We started with an HT Grad Parade and delivered grad gifts marking their time with us at Holy Trinity, giving of their Crucifer Crosses to mark their time of service and leadership within our worship, and ending with a wonderfully created video highlighting their lives and wishing them all well in the their future endeavors. Congratulations Holy Trinity Class of 2020!!