The Garden Veranda

January 31, 2018 0 comments

What is going on, on the North Lawn of Holy Trinity?

What is that digging happening over by the flag pole?

We’re so glad you’ve asked!

One of our goals of Vision 20/20 is to open up our property to the community around us. We do this through outreach and community programming, but we also accomplish our goal through how our physical campus illustrates and “open-ness” to the four neighborhoods which come to a center at Holy Trinity on North and Main Streets. The first step we took was to take the iron fence along Main Street on the North Side of the church building. The fence was not a preventative measure closing off our parking lot or securing our building; it was more seen as an obstacle. Taking down the fence immediately opened the “feel” of the front of our church.

Stage II is the construction of the Holy Trinity Garden Veranda (we’re still playing with titles). This is the work that is now visible beneath the snow. A stone “park” has been designed and built in the shape of an octagon. The eight-sided shape is that of a traditional baptismal font, a practice based on the Old Testament teaching of the Eighth Day being the Sabbath day. (Lev. 23:34-36). A water element will be installed at the center of the octagon and will function spring-fall. Four benches will be installed around the octagon giving members of the congregation a place to gather, and the community, a place to rest.

Paving stones installed throughout the veranda may be memorialized in honor of a loved one. Look for your March-April edition of The Church Paper for an order form to have the name of a loved one engraved in one of the paving stones. Stones may be engraved in honor of someone living, or in memory of a beloved saint. The four church benches will also be offered as memorial gift opportunities. Prices and order forms for memorial stones and benches will be available beginning March 1, 2018.

It is anticipated that the Holy Trinity Garden Veranda will provide an outdoor platform for the pastors and people of Holy Trinity to connect with the hundreds of people who travel Main Street on foot, by car, bus, and train, every day. We hope it provides us the opportunity to find creative ways to interact with our neighbors. We pray it becomes a special place where we can remember those who have joined the church triumphant, and give thanks for those around us. We look forward to it providing a place of solace and inspiration. And no, the flag pole, and memorial on which it stands, is not going anywhere.

Still have questions? Pastor Lee is happy to share with you the details of the Holy Trinity Garden Veranda.

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