Holy Trinity Access FAQ

Where is Holy Trinity?

  • 1080 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14209
  • We are in Allentown near the Medical Campus, just north of the Main and North Streets intersection

How can I get there?

  • Metro Bus – We are on the 8 line and less than a quarter-mile walk from the 7, 11, 22 and 25 lines
  • Metro Rail – Summer-Best station is one block northeast of the church
  • Car – We have 2 parking lots that you can access via Main Street.
    • Enter the smaller lot (near the bell tower) using the entrance off of Main Street next to Cleve-Hill Auto & Tire.
    • Enter the larger lot using the entrance off of Main Street that is between the garden/water fountain and 1092 Main Street.
    • Both lots can also be accessed via Linwood Avenue using the entrances on either side of Trinity Tower

How do I get into the building?

  • Multiple doors are open for most services and public events
  • Main Church/Sanctuary – the doors at the top of the stairs facing Main Street will be open for services, concerts and other events held in that space.
  • Ramp access – easiest to access from the larger parking lot – the ramp is near the office section of the building, on the side facing Trinity Tower and Linwood Avenue.
  • Elevator access – easiest to access from the smaller parking lot – enter using the automatic doors by the bell tower.  The elevator is just inside to your right.  You will be on the Ground Floor (G).  Press 1 to reach the 1st floor where our main sanctuary is located.
  • Note: If your destination is the Fellowship Room, enter from the small parking lot (short flight of stairs to access the Fellowship Room).  To avoid stairs, enter via the staff parking lot (between the church and Trinity Tower).

What is on each floor of the building?

  • Basement (B) – Restrooms, Redeemer Hall, Kitchen, Choir Room, Library
  • Ground (G) – Mansperger Chapel, Men’s Restroom
    • Short flight of stairs to Fellowship Room and Women’s Restroom (these rooms are also accessible directly from the doors near the staff parking lot)
  • Main/1st Floor (1) – Main Church/Sanctuary, Unisex Restroom, Sacristy, Church Office
  • 2nd Floor (2) – Sunday School