Through our network of ministries in the Upstate New York Synod (UNYS) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Holy Trinity has a missional presence locally and stretching around the world.

Holy Trinity is also a partner and companion of Grace Ministries which is a part of the Caribbean Children’s Foundation in Haiti.

Grace Ministries have founded a primary school, congregation, and home for children on the small island of Ile a Veche off the Southwest peninsula of Haiti. Holy Trinity travels annually (as team members and time permits) to visit school children, support the development of the congregation and community, and provide medical supplies and a community meal.

We will be traveling from 2/23 through 2/28/19. 

Our partner in mission, Nora, has let us know that there are at least 5 couples wishing to be married and they will be doing a wedding ceremony in March.  Nora is asking if we have donations of small size wedding dresses, white gloves, small size men’s suits, wedding veils and wedding bands that the team bring them along.  In addition, we have been asked to bring cake mix and frosting to make wedding cakes.  For any of you thrift shoppers in the congregation who may come across any of these items the team will be happy to pack them up and take them. 

Anyone wishing to make a donation to this please contact Kathy Crissey at and arrangements will be made to pick up the items.

  Thank you in advance for your continued support of this ministry!