Welcome to Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in downtown Buffalo, New York!

We believe that we are called by God to extend the wide welcome of God’s love within the church and beyond our walls. So, we welcome ALL people to participate in the life of this congregation through worship, using our many and varied gifts in service to others, and simply enjoying one another’s company. If you have any question about whether you are welcome here, you are. Take a look at our welcome statement below.

If you are considering visiting Holy Trinity or would like to find out more about the church, we look forward to seeing and talking with you. If you would like to talk with the pastor, you can fill out a welcome sheet at worship or contact the church office (info@holytrinitybuffalo.org or 716-886-2400). If you would like to meet other people new to the church, ask your questions, and learn more about who we are and what we do, the next new member and inquirer class will be on Sunday, April 21, at 12:30pm. Please contact the church office if you would like to attend.

Sunday Schedule

8:30am Worship in the Mansperger Chapel

9:40am Roundtable Faith Conversations in the Fellowship Room

10:30am Worship in the Main Sanctuary

11:30am Coffee Hour downstairs in the Redeemer Hall

Holy Trinity Welcome Statement

Holy Trinity recognizes that each of us is a unique creation made in the image of God.
We celebrate and give thanks for the many diverse gifts that God has bestowed on us.
We proclaim ourselves to be an Open and Affirming congregation to all of God’s creatures welcoming into our ministry persons of every race, culture, age, gender identification, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, and economic status.
We commit ourselves to the work of anti-racism and creating an anti-racist space through the protection against oppression internally, in institutions, interpersonally and structurally.
We believe that through our openness we all grow in our faith through Christ’s teaching to love one another as God loves us.