Sunday Forum (formerly Adult Forum) – Sundays at 9:30am in the Fellowship Room

Guest speakers present on a variety of topics and issues; intersections of the best of Buffalo and how it relates or connects to the faith community. On occasion members of the congregation present on ministry and mission, and we also take some time to have some fun along the way and not take ourselves too seriously. Check the calendar each week for the speaker of the day.

Upcoming Speakers include:

10/7-Annual Flu Clinic

10/14-Uli MacDonald, Stewardship Chair, will share the value and gift of good stewardship

10/21-Pam Kefi, Deaf Access Services

10/28-Pastor Miller will lead a discussion of the “E-word” in ELCA

11/4-Pastor Miller-The “E-word” Part II

11/11-Veteran’s Day-Gail Marcin will discuss the importance of our traditions and respect for the American Flag. This will include an explanation of how to properly fold the flag and the meaning of each fold.

11/18-Angela Keppel will describe the function of Buffalo Place in the growth of the city.

11/25 Thanksgiving Weekend-No Forum

12/2-Presentation of the 2019 Holy Trinity Budget Proposal by Emily Notari, Treasurer

12/9-Advocacy Sunday-Food, Farms, Faith A discussion on CSA (community supported agriculture)

12/16-Annual Christmas “Sing-a-Long” with Dr. Roy Clare

Monday Bible Study – Monday 9:30am – Fellowship Room

The Monday morning Bible Study walks through Biblical themes in scripture taking time to consider source, context, and audience of the text. All are welcome and no previous experience is necessary.

Current Topic: Winter, 2018 – Minor Prophets

Brewed Faith – First Wednesdays 7:30am – Spot Coffee 1406 Hertel Avenue

An informal theme and topical study using the Bible as a primary source but not exclusive to other texts and resources. Leadership is group oriented. Grab your favorite cup of joe or tea and join us. No experience necessary.

Pub Theology – First Tuesdays 7:00pm – Conference Room

Pub Theology is similar to a traditional Bible study, but is more conversational and discussion driven. The topics are more thematic rather than Biblically based. This is a safe space to ask questions, listen to others, and to explore deeper. Refreshments are available.